We are creating a “green” strategy aimed toward the natural environment and taking into consideration every dimension of how our business operates in the social, cultural, and economic environment.

 Employees Development  Social Commitments
Employees Safety & Health

Zero Workplace Accident

  • Conform to OHSAS 18001
  • Safety Campaign

Provide Safe & Healthy Workplace

  • Conducive working environment

CCCF Activities

  • Yearly CCCF activities

Support Local Community

  • Employ local communities at Sipro BB, Shah Alam & Sg Petani
  • Support of local communities through donation.

CSR Activities

  • Yearly CSR activities involving local communities & environment

Skill Enhancement

  • On Job Training
  • External Training

Training Development

  • Yearly Training Plan

Talent Attraction & Retention

  • Yearly Appraisal



Green Initiatives Reduce Carbon Foot Print
Environmental Management

Reduce Electricity

  • Auto aircond off after 6pm.
  • Auto cutoff of injection machine motor during idle .

Reduce water usage

  • Water harvesting.

Recycling of waste

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Yearly maintenance of lorry & check by Puspakom
  • Recycling of material

Comply to Government Regulation

  • Comply OSH Act 1994
  • Comply to Environmental Quality Act 1974
  • Comply to Factory Machinery Act 1967

Compliance to ISO14001/18001

  • Yearly surveilance & recertification audit internally & externally.



 Risk Management  Financial Flexibility
Financial Performance Corporate Governance

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Internal Control
  • SWOT & Business Planning Strategy

Financial Flexibility

  • Financial Liquidity
  • Cash Flow
  • Capital Rationing


  • GP

Shareholders Return

Cost Management

  • Cost Reduction Activities

Sales Growth

  • New Product
  • R&D
  • Innovation

Code of Conduct

  • SOP, Discipline

Business Ethics

  • Business Deal
  • Stakeholders


  • Financial
  • Process